Definitive Practitioners

according to the statutory PRovisions: 

Each definitive and compatible practician in insolvency is liable to attend, within a calendar year, the courses of continuous training organized under the patronage of I.N.P.P.I., under the sanction of suspension from profession.

The structure of the courses of professional training, as well as the number of the points of professional training is approved by the decision of  I.N.P.P.I Council.

The incompatible Practicians in insolvency may attend the program of Professional training, this becoming compulsory since the date of ending the incompatibility situation.

The seminars of professional training shall be led by trainers (lecturers) selected based on the criteria established by I.N.P.P.I. Council. The selection and coordination of the activities of the trainers shall be provided by the scientific Council of  I.N.P.P.I.

The expenses related to the development of the program of professional training are borne especially from the attendance fees. The Council of the Institute may allocate some funds in the limit of the amounts stated annually in the budget of incomes and expenses.


continous training and trainees  

Based on the law, the present Articles of Incorporation and the organizational and functioning statute, I.N.P.P.I. has the following attributions:

a) organizes the initial professional training and the professional perfecting of the practicians in insolvency;

b) draws up the study programs of the trainees practicians in insolvency;

c) organizes the certification examination, in conformity with the regulation for the organization and development approved by the National Managing Council.

 Besides the attributions stated at art. 552 from the Governmental Emergency Ordinance, I.N.P.P.I. has the following attributions:

a) organizes the continuous professional training of the definitive practicians in insolvency;

b) any other activities compatible with the purpose, objectives and Articles of Incorporation of  I.N.P.P.I.

I.N.P.P.I. organizes the exam for acquiring the capacity of definitive practician in insolvency, at national level, usually in two annual sessions, in conformity with the regulation for organization and development, its date being brought to the knowledge of candidates, prior with at least 60 days data.

The trainee practician in insolvency who, at the date of passing the exam for acquiring the capacity of trainee practician in insolvency is incompatible, according to art. 26, align. (1), letter a) from the Governmental Emergency Ordinance shall have to prove the termination of the situation of incompatibility during the complete stage of professional training with duration of 2 years.

Only the trainee practicians in insolvency who completed the stage of professional training and who acquired the minimum number of points of professional training established in conformity with the dispositions of the Articles of incorporation of I.N.P.P.I. may attend the certification examination.

The trainee practicians in insolvency lose the right to take the certification examination if they do not sit at the exam and do not pass it in at least 5 years since having acquired the capacity of trainee practician in insolvency, except for those who were incompatible in this period.

The minimum grade for passing the examination is 7.

The candidates at the certification examination shall pay an enrollment fee approved by the Congress of the Union.