Managing Board

The managing Board of U.N.P.I.R. Constanta Branch is made of 5 titular members,  among whom a president, appointed by the general assembly for a period of 4 years.

The titular members of the Managing Board of U.N.P.I.R. Constanta Branch are:

Stroie Cristina – President of the Managing Board

Dascalescu Elena – Member of the Managing Board

Enache Marilena Mariana -  Member of the Managing Board

Vizitiu Catalina -  Member of the Managing Board

Ianca Cristian -  Member of the Managing Board


The Managing Board of the branch has the following attributions:


a) submits the Articles of Association of the branch and any modifications of it for the approval of the National Managing Council of the Union ;

b) assures the development of the activity of the branch;

c) sends to the  National Managing Council of the Union any modification regarding its members, for updating the Board of UNPIR;

d) convokes and organizes the general assembly of the branch;

e) suggests to the general assembly the candidates for disciplinary court and commission of censors;

f) analyzes and approves the enrollment documentation for the exam for acquiring the capacity of practician in insolvency as well as of the applicants for access without exam and exemption of stage;

g) communicates to the general Secretariat of the Union, at its request, the appointments as legal administrator or liquidator of the members of the branch;

h) hires the executive personnel of the secretariat of the branch ;

i) communicates to the general Secretariat, until 1st of March of each year, the evolution of the number of files of insolvency for the previous year, as well as the domains of activity of the companies in insolvency;

j) sends, in term of 15 days since the date of the general assembly, to the general Secretariat of the Union a characterization of the candidate/candidates assigned for a central or local managing position, as well as in the other courts or rewarding commissions, such as the disciplinary courts and the commissions of censors, highlighting: moral and professional qualities, achievements from the activity of practician in insolvency, involvement in the actions performed by the managing council of the branch, as well as in those of professional training, etc.